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Vitamin B12 Benefits

I swear by taking Vitamin B1 for stress, energy, mental health, etc. I recently read that nerve damage can be caused by a Vitamin B12 deficiency.  If you know me, you will know that it lead to more research.  I wanted to share my finding with you.

I remembered a few people mentioning that when you take a Vitamin B supplement it is important to take the other Vitamin Bs so that your body does not produce deficiencies in the other Vitamin Bs.  I take Vitamin B6, though.  I once read B6 is good for water retention, but never really took Vitamin B12.  It was suggested that I take a Vitamin B Complex so that I get them all, but most Vitamin B Complex does not have a very high dosage.  I would be better off taking a multi-vitamin, at least from my perspective. Read the rest of this entry »

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Periwinkle Medicinal Uses

My husband planted a bunch of Madagascar Periwinkle seeds on one of our hills to secure it and prevent mudslides.  They are just beginning to bloom and look just beautiful!  So, while watching The Dr. Oz Show, to my surprise, I found out that periwinkle has a medical value which saves lives.  Dr. Oz stated that it helps those with leukemia.  Drug manufactures combine them with other chemicals to create drugs to cure cancer and more.  Of course, I just had to research periwinkle further and found periwinkle used as an herb helps much more than cancer.


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Eating Too Much of a Food Can Cause an Allergy

Did you know that when you eat too much of one particular food that you can develop an allergy to that food?  I did that very thing by eating too many tomatoes over the years.  My mother cooked with tomatoes quite a bit, especially being that my father is Italian.  When I got married, I cooked many of her favorite recipes, along with new ones which mostly consisted of tomatoes.  Let’s face it, Italian and Mexican food, my all-time favorites, have tomatoes in most of the recipes.

Many years ago, after my daughter’s baptism, I had so much left-over lasagna, (I always over cook!), that I ate it for lunch and dinner for about 3 days in a row.  The third or fourth night my husband and I ate out at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  On the way home I broke out in hives which covered almost my entire body.  It was gruesome! Read the rest of this entry »

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Dr. Neal Barnard (as seen on Oprah with Dr. Oz) on “Carla’s Cooking”!

I am so excited and honored to have booked the renowned Neal Barnard, MD (as seen on Oprah’s Show with Dr. Mehment Oz, “Reversing Diabetes“) and Robyn Webb, MS, co-authors of “The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook” will discuss “The Challenges of Vegan and Gluten Free Dieting” and more on “Carla’s Cooking”, Monday, July 19, 2010 at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT!  Robyn Webb is an award-winning nutritionist, cookbook author and teacher.  Dr. Neal Barnard is the founder and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).  His extensive clinical research with PCRM has formed the basis for this book.  Dr. Barnard is the author of eight other health and nutrition titles, as well as the host of PBS TV show, “Taking Control of Diabetes“.  Their book is praised by the Library Journal as “A terrific lifestyle guide for anyone wishing to lose weight, cut cholesterol, and reverse the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.”  Join us for this educational show in both health and cooking! Length: 60 minutes.  Meanwhile, learn more about Dr. Barnard’s diet by watching the video below.

The Get Healthy Go Vegan Cookbook

"The Get Healthy Go Vegan Cookbook" by Neal Barnard, MD and Robyn Webb, MS

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Solutions for Muscle Cramps and Neck Pain

I was watching an episode of Dr. Oz. and he listed some possible solutions for neck pain and muscle cramps. He said that some times these symptoms may be caused by dehydration and deficiencies in magnesium and potassium.


In researching potassium, I found that it is an electrolyte, meaning it regulates the fluids in your body.  When increasing your potassium intake, it helps your heart by lowering blood pressure.

If you have any type of arthritis you’ll find that potassium will assist the pain by removing acids from your joints.

The list doesn’t stop there.  Potassium may help many other conditions such as hypoglycemia, diabetes, kidney disease and kidney stones.

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Bay Leaves for Digestion

Ever wonder about bay leaves and their nutritional values, their health benefits?  Many cultures cook using bay leaves.  I recently discovered that bay leaves promote digestion.  They also are used to strengthen, heal and tone the stomach, along with the promotion of sweating.  Have a stomach ache?  Use some bay leaves in a cup of tea.  Now that we have a Bay Laurel tree, I find that using fresh bay leaves are a delight and more flavorful.  I use them often in my Italian recipes, beans and soups.  But now that I know the full benefits of bay leaves I will start using them in more dishes.

Bay Leaves

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Vitamin K Health Benefits

I was about to make a recipe with basil when I wondered about its nutritional value.  I found it contained Vitamin K.  I really didn’t know much about Vitamin K health benefits besides hearing it was really good for you.  I remembered that my vet gave my dog Vitamin K shots when he had arthritis.  That’s about all I knew.

In researching the benefits of Vitamin K I found that it can withstand cooking; and even freezing in some vegetables containing Vitamin K.  See the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference on Vitamin K.  They suggest that adding salt to many vegetables will not cause them to not retain Vitamin K nutrients.  A study done by Nutrient Data Laboratory states that Vitamin K has even shown an increase when cooked.  Finally, a nutrient that can withstand heat.  We lose a lot of nutrients through cooking, and even more through the use of microwaves. Read the rest of this entry »

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