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Gluten Free Seasoned Bread Crumb Recipe

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Bay Leaves for Digestion

Ever wonder about bay leaves and their nutritional values, their health benefits?  Many cultures cook using bay leaves.  I recently discovered that bay leaves promote digestion.  They also are used to strengthen, heal and tone the stomach, along with the promotion of sweating.  Have a stomach ache?  Use some bay leaves in a cup of tea.  Now that we have a Bay Laurel tree, I find that using fresh bay leaves are a delight and more flavorful.  I use them often in my Italian recipes, beans and soups.  But now that I know the full benefits of bay leaves I will start using them in more dishes.

Bay Leaves

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Raw Organic Vanilla Powder

Vanilla powder is used as a substitute for vanilla extract.  Raw vanilla powder is made up of ground vanilla beans.  I recently purchased some from  There are two varieties of vanilla powder.  The more expensive one is cured by the sun.  I wish I had noticed that one prior to making my purchase.  I am not quite sure how the other, less expensive, vanilla powder is cured, but it does state it is raw.  I have an email into the distributor and will update you when I find out.  I just received an email stating that during the month of May, 2010, you can received 5% off of your order at Natural News with coupon code nnstore5.

Raw Organic Vanilla Powder

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How to make your own cinnamon oil

If you plan on using cinnamon oil for cooking you may already be aware that it costs around $6 for 1 ounce.  You can make your own simply by adding cinnamon sticks to a jar of plain vegetable oil.  The more cinnamon sticks you add the more potent your oil will be.  Canning jars work great.  The only drawback is that it needs to sit for about a month.  

Cinnamon Oil - Day 1

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