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Please Visit My New Website for Future Recipes!

I haven’t posted in the last couple of days because I’ve been busy moving this site to its new home where I share all of my gluten-free recipes. Please join me at!

UPDATE: We just created a forum there, as well!

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Winners of the 2 June Gltuen Free Giveaways!

As announced on the giveaway posts, the two winners of the June 2010 Gluten Free Giveaways are:

Mixes From the Heartland winner is: Jayne Aston! Congrats Jayne!

Newman’s Own Organics winner is: Carol Dawkins Jones! Congrats Carol!

Stay tune for upcoming giveaways in July!

Happy 4th everyone!


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Pink Crystal Salt

I was watching the Martha Stewart Show the other day and she mentioned that she uses pink salt, an unrefined culinary salt, much like grey salt.  Soon after I received my regular newsletter that I subscribe to from Natural News and they gave me the rundown on pink salt.  I love it when things just fall into my lap!

I used white table salt almost all of my life.  I tried sea salt once and it made my food taste fish.  Yuck!  Then not too long ago I tried a different brand of sea salt and it did not taste fishy.  I love it now!  You should be aware, though, per Natural News, there is a scam going around about sea salt.  Apparently a few white salt manufactures are promoting their salts as sea salt.  While they are not lying, because all salt comes from the sea, if salt is white like white sugar it is highly processed salt. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sharp Cheddar Cheese Recipe – ‘Orange’ Cheddar Cheese May Contains Artificial Coloring

Jane Hersey, the Director of the Feingold Association ‘s will be my guest today on Carla’s Cooking.  Today’s subject will be The Feingold Diet which is an additive-free diet and has been known to help those with ADHD, allergies and other health related symptoms.  Because I discovered that some cheeses that are orange in color may contains artificial coloring, I share with you a link I found on how to make your own cheddar cheese and an alternative to those orange cheddar cheese puffs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sugar Control Damage – Let’s prevent future trouble!

It appears that more and more people are trying to lessen their refined sugar intake.  I receive Dr. Pepi’s health newsletter and just had to share this helpful hint on what to do prior to and after eating sugar.

Unless you have diabetes or some condition that it is essential to exclude sugar, there are those special times that you are going to eat sugar and you know it ahead of time. For example, at a wedding or birthday party or during the holidays. Let’s look at how to pull it off with the least amount of pancreas and liver shock. Those are the two organs most stressed by processed sugars. Drink 2 quarts of water the day before and the day of the event. Water is necessary to make the digestive enzymes you will need to digest sugar. Take 6 Core Level Pancreas and 3 Core Level Liver before your event. For a small child, try 2 Pancreas and 1 Liver. Eat raw food, such as a salad, to add to the digestive enzyme stockpile right before eating the sugar. Eat a good portion of some type of protein before the sugar, such as fish or turkey or eggs. The sugar should be the last thing down the hatch. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chicken and Snow Peas Recipe

This page has been permanently moved to

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